Portland to the Panhandle in 24 hours


Michael will be toting the Who Owns Water theater version to

Patagonia Portland, OR : Thursday, Nov 6    |     7pm

Watercolor, FL : Mountainfilm Telluride on Tour : Friday, Nov 7


Future screening!

New York City, Lincoln Center :  Mountainfilm Telluride on Tour : Sunday, Nov 23rd early evening.

David and Michael will be there to run their mouths following the flick.

Georgia Film Tour


The WOW Georgia Film Tour begins next week. Please let us know if you will be around for any of the following dates. We’d love to see you!

Oct 16: Albany, GA : Flint RiverQuarium  :  11am + 1:30pm + 7pm

Oct 17: Americus, GA : Rosalyn Carter Institute Lecture Hall  :  7pm

Oct 18: Warm Springs, GA : Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute Auditorium 7pm

Oct 21: Atlanta, GA : Pace Academy : 8am

Oct 21: Auburn, AL : School of Journalism : 7pm

Oct 22: Athens, GA : CINE Theater : 6:30pm  (The event also celebrates the launch of Joe Cook’s new book, Chattahoochee River User’s Guide)


Big thanks to Flint Riverkeeper for the Flint basin events, UGA professor Dorinda Dallmeyer for Athens screening at CINE, and Professor Ric Smith at Auburn University.

For more info or to get in touch about meeting up with us at an event :: Email at dhanson11@gmail.com

Seattle Screening: The Mountaineers Club

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 25, 7pm

Seattle Program Center

7700 Sand Point Way NE

Seattle, WA 98115


Who Owns Water will be screening at Mountainfilm on Tour Seattle. An $18 ticket gets you into the multi-film three-hour show. Tickets can be found here.


Hey Mom, I can still write a letter!


I’m trying to get this letter and the model release it’s written on to this nice couple. They live in a hand-built wooden house that floats in an eddy of the Apalachicola River. John and Patricia are some of the nicest people I’ve met, having shared Busch beer and fried catfish with me on both Apalachicola River paddles (2009 and 2013). I’m sure they don’t mind being a part of our film, but for due-diligence we need to get their signature on a model release. Hopefully then Georgia Public Broadcasting will air the film later this year.

This retroactive release effort is not ideal and not recommended for future documentary projects. We could have just gotten them as we went. Oh well, who, other than famous people, fugitives, or politicians, doesn’t like getting a hand-written letter complete with self-addressed-stamp-envelope?

Just last week I got a call from a Georgia area code and the man on the line said he was calling to talk to one of the men who floated the river last year and made a movie about it. I told him that was me and my brother. He sounded surprised, saying he thought this was a big company or something that was doing the film. He wanted to know the status of the film and I told him it was complete. The nice man had seen Michael floating down the river near McIntosh Reserve, south of Atlanta. He’d asked Michael where he was going and what he was doing. Michael told him as he floated by. And that was it. The man said he’s been thinking about it ever since and wants to see the movie. He said he’d rather have a DVD copy than a download online.  So I sent him a hand-written letter, too, plus a DVD.


The Hooch on Huff

The Grand Dame of the Blogosphere showed us some love ::

Read the article here…

Big thanks to Jay Schoenberger, friend and creator of the inspiring book collection of wilderness writings, I AM COYOTE. Jay shared his column space with us for the Who Owns Water post.

Patagonia Atlanta: Screening Thursday, June 19th, 7:30pm

DVD on!

WOW_blog-post-DVDStamped, stacked, and ready to mail. First shipment goes to Kickstarter supporters – thanks for your patience! But we’ll have plenty left. For now, email us to purchase a copy ($10.99). We’ll have them available for online purchase soon.

Next screening : Patagonia Atlanta, June 19  7:30pm


Telluride post-script


Each May, documentary filmmakers and several thousand viewers arrive in Telluride, Colorado, the country’s most beautiful dead-end town. The Mountainfilm festival’s three-day program distracts the visitors from the sublime natural amphitheater of cliffs and the last snowfields resisting the spring sun. Mountainfilm brings an international buffet of documentary films and morning coffee talks with mountain luminaries such as Guns, Germs, and Steel author Jared Diamond, National Geographicphotographer Nevada Wier, and rock jock Alex Honnold. Each event feels like an intimate gathering among friends.

Memorial Day weekend marked my first visit to Mountainfilm. Or any film festival, for that matter. Who Owns Water, a film my brother Michael and I filmed and produced, was graciously accepted by the Telluride festival and supported by a 2013 Mountainfilm Commitment Grant. With print and photography backgrounds, we were a little wary of The Scene. I imagined a film line-up heavy on Cineflex drone footage of shirtless cliffhanger dudes. Or skiers shralping the gnar as rave music looped. I’m happy to report I was wrong.



To Telluride


Who Owns Water official premier next weekend at the 36th Annual Mountainfilm Telluride Film Festival. Michael and David are driving down for the action. Holler if you’ll be there…


Saturday : 3:30pm, Nugget Theater

Sunday : 12:15pm, Sheridan Opera House



We are excited to announce the OFFICIAL RELEASE of the film, Who Owns Water.

Who Owns Water Trailer Title Page - laurels

First stop: Telluride, CO. We are an official selection for the 36th annual Mountainfilm Festival! Let us know if you are going to attend, we’d love to meet you and hear your feedback.

Screenings are happening around the US. We will announce them here. We highly recommend going to one of these if at all possible. You’ll get to see it in all its 2K surround sound glory on a big screen.

Who Owns Water will also be airing on Atlanta’s PBA30 in late summer 2014. Stay tuned for details.

Finally, the film is available for purchase at Vimeo On Demand. Please spread the word.

To all of you who have supported us, thank you. We are excited and honored to tell this important story of the Water Wars and of the people it affects most.

Sincerely, the Directors:

David Hanson

Michael Hanson

Andrew Kornylak

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