Morpheus Returns!


Dateline: Seattle, WA

phone rings
(South Carolina number)

Me: This is David.

Paul: Is this David Hanson of Who Owns Water?

Me: Yes

Paul: You don’t know me but last year I found something that I think you’re going to want.

Me: Ok…?

Paul lives near Lake Lanier. He was fishing one day below the Buford Dam and noticed a wood board with “Morpheus” written on it and yellow p-cord dragging behind. He picked it up and held onto it.

Fast forward to this morning. He and his son were scouting online for info about canoeing down the upper Hooch from Helen to Lake Lanier. They came across this photo and post from my first trip down the Hooch in 2009. Through the miracle of modern Internetting, they traced that post to the Who Owns Water film and to my phone number.

I asked Paul why he didn’t just throw it away, either at first or after all this time. Here’s what he wrote me ::

Cant really say, when I first pulled it out of the water and saw Morpheus on it I thought it was unusual and I like stuff like that. It has started many conversations for me and my two sons regarding where it came from who lost it and of course what it meant. A few months ago we were cleaning out our garage and my wife put it in the throw away pile and as I took it out I joked that she would anger the river gods if she threw it away. So circling back to your question, something just told me to hold onto it. This morning when I saw the picture and read the story I knew I had kept it for a good reason!

Paul has now downloaded and seen Who Owns Water. His email said he liked it:

Just finished the film! I thought it was awesome! I also feel very connected to rivers there is just something about them that I cant put my finger on or explain you just gotta get in the water!

Download for yourself. It’s now fully available online :: Find it here…

2 thoughts on “Morpheus Returns!

  1. Just received my copy of Who Owns Water. You guys did an awesome job. I kayak on many of Georgia’s rivers with various riverkeepers and organizations looking to protect the rivers. Our rivers mean so much to me in many ways. Your work is much appreciated.
    I wasn’t sure about participating as a Kickstarter Supporter, but I am so glad that I did. Keep up the great work.

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