Riverside Film Review #1

We hope to get a film review in The New York Times, of course, but I’m just as proud to hear the thoughts of riverside resident, Paul Holden. Paul is the man who found the Morpheus plaque while fishing below the Buford Dam.

David, so I finally got to sit down with a glass of bourbon and process the days events, and continue to plan our trip. I keep going back to your film in part because it spotlights my back yard and because I think you touched on something that has been sorely overlooked in recent years. I have been aware of the “water wars” for years and I cant remember anyone bringing to light the perspective of the people like us who interact with the river on a daily basis and who in my opinion have their collective fingers on the pulse of this river. Most of what people know or hear about our river is what is in the media and what the person with the biggest budget wants them to hear. I don’t know exactly where I stand on this issue and I live about a mile away from this river I don’t see how politicians and lobbyist who have probably never experienced and I mean really experienced it are able to keep the rivers best interest at heart.

Thanks again, Paul.

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