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We’ve been extremely proud of how Who Owns Water has been received in academic circles. From middle schools to graduate programs, the film has sparked conversation about water and how we handle it in our homes, communities and on a regional scale. Hearing the people in the film speak emotionally about the rivers and seeing the physical connection with water throughout the film seems to open a nice forum for post-screening discussion.

Just recently, David joined the panel at Oregon State University’s Hydrophile Symposium in Corvallis. Oregon’s water laws, like those in the western states, are much different from eastern riparian laws. We watched the film then had a spirited conversation with grad students, community members and leading scientists and policy makers from Oregon (Aaron Wolf, Brenda Bateman, and Julie Keil were on the panel with David).

An OSU Hydrogeology professor posted this note, including a great review from one of his students, on his blog : CLICK HERE TO VIEW

We’d love to share the film with more schools and universities. Please contact for details.


2 thoughts on “Educational Success

  1. Dave
    Muchly enjoyed the show on GPB about the Hooch & Flint Rivers.
    My dad was a firechief in Atlanta-was raised around Grant Park, as was I. He canoed the Hooch from Atl-Gulf as a young man. Am very sure the river was different then. Regret he isn’t here to enjoy your film as well.

    Best Regards
    Ritter Lemke

  2. Just watched your canoe trip and really enjoyed it. Being the second baby born at a little hospital in Duluth, Georgia in 1945,
    I remember summer vacations with my Mom’s brothers and fishing on the Chattahoochee. During Christmas vacation, I would visit my Uncles and learned to hunt rabbit with a single shot Remington-22. My Uncle Edwin was amazed at my marksmanship. I found that odd, since he taught me how to shoot, fish and hunt. The old home place had bottom farmland on the ‘Hooche’.
    Then I watched them build Buford Dam and years later my first wife Marie and I lived on the ‘Hooch’ at the Roswell Road Bridge for two years in a summer house, keeping our horses in a small 2-stall barn.
    We watched the water rise when Morgan Falls shut their gates to build a large long lake of 4-6 feet of extra water all the way back to Buford Dam; then Georgia Power opened the Morgan Falls gates late in the day to generate electricity.
    Thank you for your efforts and thank you for reminding me how pleased I am that God has given me a wonderful life and the Chattahoochee has been a constant thread running through it.
    DKWagner, Vinings, Georgia 2016

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